Gay Bars in Budapest


Budapest gay bars are somewhat hidden, not in a cluster, but scattered around the city. That said, some of the best Gay and LGBT bars are easily found in the city center (District V, VI and VII) of Budapest.

Action Gay Bar

Men only gay bar in downtown Budapest, strictly for male guests where a tender touch goes a long way. Location: Budapest District V. Magyar Street 42.

Mystery Gay Bar

Gay bar in downtown Budapest with a long history. Location: Budapest District V. Nagysandor Jozsef Street 3.

COXx Men’s Gay Bar

Popular gay bar with a swing room, prison rooms and cabins, cages, etc. strictly for men attracted to men. Location: Budapest District VII. Dohany Street 38.

Eklektika Lesbian Bar

Eklektika Bar is primarily a lesbian bar, but is also very friendly with male guests. Location: Budapest Downtown, District V. Nagymező Street 30.

AlterEgo LGBT Bar

LGBT bar with drag shows, disco parties and a lot of fun. Location: Budapest District VI. Dessewffy Street 33.

Living Room Lesbian Parties

Living Room bar hosts Lesbian parties twice a month on Sat nights in the city center of Budapest. Location: Budapest District V. Kossuth Lajos Street 17.

Kolor Bar Budapest

A fun bar in Budapest Jewish Quarter where LGBT and straight guests mix well with fun parties and live concerts. Location: Budapest District VII. Kiraly Street 13