Things To Do in Budapest on August 20


Budapest is buzzing on August 20, so you will have some great options and things to do. In fact, if you can only come for a few days to Budapest, it should include August 20!

Budapest Fireworks August 20

Budapest Fireworks /Peter Grafix Photo

The best programs in the city are related to the big celebrations of the Hungarian State, which gained its statehood – over a thousand year old statehood – on August 20. What will you see? Fireworks, street shows, festival, free concerts, parties, and lots of folks celebrating.

Why not pick the best events for this special day? Budapest is full of surprises, so do not miss out on the top 5 things to do

Top 5 To Do Aug 20

Budapest Fireworks Show

Make sure to set aside time for the evening show of the marvelous Budapest Fireworks: climb the Buda hills, the Castle Hill or Gellert Hill, or get a comfy spot on the river Danube on the Fireworks Cruise, or on some of the boat bars anchored at the river Danube. Plan with walking among crowds, and have enough water with you. The Fireworks show starts at 9 pm.

Festival in Buda Castle

Folk Festival in the Buda Castle (Mestersegek Unnepe) with nice traditional foods, genuine folk crafts, folk dance shows and folk concerts: special entry required, Budapest Card free entry can not be used during the festival. The Buda Castle Hill has some green spots to picnic. Visit the Fisherman’s Bastion for a great view, but may not be the best to squeeze in to see the Fireworks Show from here.

Street Festival by Danube & Parties

The street festival starts on Aug 19 on the promenades of the river Danube in Budapest, and goes on until the late eve of Aug 20. Many streets by the river Danube are only for pedestrians. Enjoy the temp tents of street foods, free concerts, and the breeze by the river. The promenade gets crowded at about 6 pm, and full by 8 pm! Best on the Buda side, with concerts on Clark Adam Sq by the Chain Bridge. For a disco party, check out the Lights off Party in Budapest Cafe del Rio on Kopaszi Bay (Kopaszi Gat), or head to the underground hip club, A38 boat.

Cooling in the Baths

Visit some of the famous baths in Budapest to chill out, relax, get a treatment on Aug 20. Many enjoy this special summer day in the mineral rich pools in Budapest, which are open on Aug 20! Szechenyi Baths and Gellert Spa are open as on weekends, but Rudas Bath closes at 2pm due to the traffic restrictions.

Organ Concert on Aug 20

In the Church of St Anne on Batthyany Sq (Szent Anna Templom), you can listen to a beautiful organ concert performed by Laszlo Fassang. While most organ concerts take place in the majestic St Stephen Basilica, St Anna will shine on Aug 20 in Budapest, so you must hear this concert if you love classical music, and you can navigate through the folks settling in for good spots for the fireworks show. Starting at 7:30 pm.